Altar Servers — All registered boys and girls, who are in the fourth grade and above, are welcome to serve. Altar Servers enter into a fuller participation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass while assisting the priest during the weekend and special Masses. All candidates recognize serving in this role is a privilege. Duties are to be performed with attention and reverence. Servers are scheduled on a rotational basis and are responsible for locating a substitute if they are unable to serve. Training is required.

Coordinators: Tim & Melissa Sroka (893-6333); email:

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion — Fully initiated Catholic men and women assist in ministering the body and blood of Christ to the community of the faithful at Mass. The call to serve in this ministry demands sincere reverence, respect and a devotion to the Eucharist. Serving someone with special needs or limitations, or going to someone who cannot come forward in the communion process may be necessary. Training is provided.

Coordinator: John Duff; email:


Lectors — Parishioners, young and old, proclaim God’s Word in scripture, lead the parish in the Prayers of the Faithful, and read announcements after Mass. Being a lector is spiritually rewarding and brings the Word of God to life during Mass. Typically, two lectors are scheduled for each Mass. This ministry is open to any actively practicing Catholic who is high school age or older, who has been confirmed, and who has a desire to exercise their speaking skills. Training is provided.

Coordinator: Wendy Sipka (893-0767); email:


Liturgical Ministers Scheduler — Utilizing the Minister Scheduler Pro, this person schedules all ministers including: Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Ushers, and Altar Servers, for all weekend Masses. Any changes in Liturgical Ministers are communicated to the Scheduler so that schedules, which are prepared every two months, will be as accurate as possible.

Coordinator: Sandy Smith (894-6910); email:


Mass Coordinators — Ministers help in preparing the Sanctuary and the Altar for the Liturgy, including the hosts, wine and vessels. Additional responsibilities include ensuring all necessary liturgical ministers are present before each Mass and making sure that “all is in order” for the Mass. Identifying and resolving problem areas quickly and efficiently are imperative. Service in this capacity requires previous experience as Lector or Eucharistic Minister. Additional Mass Coordinators are always needed!

Coordinator: Shirley Shafer (766-2323); email:


Ushers — The Ushers greet worshippers, assist with seating, coordinate gift bearers, gather the weekly offertory and other special collections, distribute bulletins, remove clutter from pews after Masses, and along with the Mass Coordinator, ensure all doors are locked and lights are turned off (as needed). Also required is giving assistance to any parishioner needing special attention, i.e. arranging for Eucharistic Minister to bring Communion to parishioner if they are unable to come forward, and attending to any ill parishioners. The Ushers of our parish provide a vital ministry by serving as hospitality ministers to all our fellow guests at the Lord’s table.

Coordinator: Laurie Flagstead (616)204-7405; email: